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Finding the right item can be difficult at times. So in order to help narrow down the searching we'll try to better explain how to use our search feature.

1. Using the right word is critical along with proper spelling. For example Cat and Cats are 2 different words.

2. Depending upon your region items may be referenced by different names, we try to include as many different terms as we can in the product description however we can't always get them all. Many times using a different terminology will produce different results. 

3. Try keeping the search short, the longer the search term the less likely it is to produce a result.


A. Searching for Rosebud Cellophane Bags will not produce a result, in this case we don't use Cellophane we use Cello.  B. Shorting it again to Rosebud Bags still does not produce a result as we used Bag.

C. Using the term Bags will not find products called Bag  however using the term Bag will find product termed Bag and Bags (as Bag is a part of the word Bags).

D. Using just Rosebud may produce result in multiple categories, you can then either look through the results of that search or filters further by selecting the category choice.

E. Using the term Rose Bud will again produce different results.

Then as a last result you can select the Site Map link. This lists all top level Categories and secondary categories, looking at this may provide a better understanding how we have items listed.

You can also use the Contact us form and have us locate the product for you, we'll send a direct link back to you or provide a SKU number which will show the correct search results.

Hopefully this article has helped in understanding our search.

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