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Site Changes

   Site Changes / Updates and New features

   We've had many customer suggestions on new ideas and what you'd like to see us implement on our site. And as promised to many we've rolled out a lot of these requests in this new system.

 Returning Customers that registered but never completed an order. You will need to re-register as we only transferred the orders database.

NOTICE: All customers merging from our old site to this site will need to create a new password. 

From the top of the page: Select "Log In"  Once on The Welcome page find the line that says: "Forgot your password?"  Click that: On the next page enter your email address, click submit. Check your email inbox.

Here is a quick link: https://www.streichs.com/index.php?main_page=password_forgotten

If you have any further issues: contact us and we'll send you a default password once we verify who you are.

1. Customers no longer are required to have a email address, user name and password to log into the system, the new site only requires a email address and password. We've eliminated the requirement for the username. (user Id).

2. Save your cart feature: This has been one of the biggest requests we've had. Put any item(s) in your cart, login the items will registered under your name. Log out or go do something else, once you come back log in and you'll see a notice that your cart has been reloaded for you. Cart Save Instructions

3. Shipping Estimates are now shown in the cart, you are no longer required to log in to enter your street, state and zip code information. Simply from the shopping cart, click "estimate shipping" choose your state and enter your zip code. But you still have enter this information correctly.

4. We've seen a huge increase in IPhone and IPad traffic, so we've made our site more user friendly for these devices.

5. New way in which our "New Products" are displayed. There are now 2 choices to view newly added products. From the category view and from the New Products view.  The Category view will show new products added under that category for the last 30-60 days, while the New Products view will show all new products added for the last 30-60 days no matter what category they are in.

6. New "search" system. Our old search only searched from within the category you were viewing or from the Home page and was limited to Title and SKU. Our new site search searches "everything". There is also an advanced search, which can be accessed by doing a regular search, then clicking the "Back" button.

7. Better cross linking to child products. We've implemented it however not all products are currently updated. How it works > Selecting for example a lollipop mold, once on that page you'll see a "Related Products" page under the main section, so for the Lollipop mold, you'll find the size of sticks we recommend along with choices of bags or boxes that can be used. Once it's fully completed everything you need will right there for you.

8. The speed tests we've done so far show a speed increase of 63-70% faster page load then the old site.


Upcoming improvements:

 Better customer notifications on order status, the old site was a 4 step process just to update an order. We are now working on a 1-click update.

 Customer to Customer forum.   Customers will soon be able to ask for help on the forum, or ask for suggestions and ideas where other members can respond to help out.

Customer referral program. When you recommend us to another you'll have them enter your customer referral number and then you'll get a credit for a percentage of their total order.

Bulk discount on purchases of multiple items of the same SKU. We get a discount from some of our suppliers when we order in bulk, so we'll be passing this saving on to you when ever a item matches and item where we get the discount.


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