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Adult X-rated Chocolate Candy Molds

Over 130 different designs to chose from.

Adult / Xrated Chocolate CAndy Molds are very popular for molded naughty chocolate candies. Who won't get a little giggle from opening one of these cute naughty party favors.

Clear Plastic candy molds are very easy to use for molding chocolates and candy coatings. Clear candy molds are preferred for use with chocolate as they are semi-flexible, and when painting can be viewed on the underside to see how the decorated item looks as you are painting. Clean up easy with the use of warm mildly soapy water, allowed to air dry.

Plastic Chocolate molds are not suitable for high temperatures, they cannot by used over 160 degrees. Not dishwasher safe.

If you don't want to spend the time and money to make these from scratch we have a sister site StoneHillChocolates.com or Facebook stonehillchocolates that will gladly offer a quote to make any of our items for you. (We have furture plans to merrge both sites into one, where you'll be able to purchase either the supplies or the finished products.)

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