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Pastry Tips Tubes

Pastry Tips - Pastry Tubes

Cake Decorating Tips and Tubes

Pastry tips fit on a pastry bag generally held in place by a coupler, tips are used to decorate cakes and cookies with frosting and filling pastries. Tips come in large varietyof shapes and sizes, which can be difficult to decide which ones you need.

The most popular styles and shapes include round tips, star tips, petal tips and basket-weave tips. These are generally listed by their style and size with letters or numbers. The smaller the number of the tip, the smaller the size of the opening. For tips with both letters and numbers, the letter usually refers to the size, in some cases it can also refer to the style of tip. Most often, the closer to the beginning of the alphabet, the smaller the tip. The number after the letter may also designate the size, on a star tip it may refer to the number of points.

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